ALAQ recognises Electricity Safety Week

To kick off Electricity Safety Week 2020, Australian Lifesaving Academy Queensland, an arm of SLSQ, delivered a COVID Safe Low Voltage Rescue (LVR) and CPR course to 11 electricians at CV Services yesterday afternoon.

To in order to hold an Electrical Licence, it is a requirement to be proficient in this area.

Over the coming weeks, 200 team members at CV Services will take part in their annual LVR/CPR refreshers and a further 50 will be completing CPR refresher training.

“Whilst this training is necessary for legal compliance, more importantly it means that our team members have the knowledge and skills necessary to do their job safely,” a CV Services spokesperson said.

“Safety is one of our core values at CV with our number one priority being to ensure that everyone goes home safely at the end of each day.

COVID-19 has presented some challenges in teaching CPR, as all trainees require their own mannequin, use of PPE and they can only simulate breaths as they cannot deliver mouth-to-mouth on an approved Manikin. Despite this, the training is still as critical as ever.

Anthony Cassone teaching CPR to CV Services HSE Advisor Duane Parnell

Anthony Cassone, Commercial Training Manager at SLSQ, who has more than 20 years of experience, said this week served as a reminder for all in the electrical industry to check-up on these skills.

“It was great training electricians at CV Services in this area during Electricity Safety Week,” he said.

“These skills are not only important for them in their day-to-day job but are useful skills to have in life.

“We encourage anyone in the industry to book a course as you never know when you might need these skills.”

If your company wants to undertake an LVR or CPR course, book now at

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