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North Queensland Branch

Patrol Season

Over the weekend we saw the recommencement of the volunteer patrol season for North Queensland. While the rest of the state is about to commence a well-earned break, the NQ Red and Yellow volunteers will take up their patrols through until 30 November. This will include the Easter Break and Anzac Day.


Constitution Updates

At this stage three clubs, being Mission Beach SLSC, Etty Bay SLSC and Cairns SLSC, have changed their constitutions to align their season as a calendar year. As a result of this, these Clubs have already had their respective AGM and their elected committees will not change throughout the patrol period. It is hoped that Port Douglas SLSC and Ellis Beach SLSC will follow suit at their AGM to align all North Queensland clubs in this way.


State Championships

Congratulations to the North Queensland Junior and Senior Branch Teams that recently attended the SLSQ State Championships. Regional athletes competed well and won gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as displayed a great sense of comradeship and sportsmanship, and there has been some excellent feedback.


Surf Club Open Day

The recent Surf Club Open Day conducted by Cairns SLSC, Ellis Beach SLSC and Port Douglas SLSC appear to have been successful with a large amount of advertising being provided by SLSQ and NQ Branch. It is now important to make these new members welcome in our clubs and get the required training for awards under way. Etty Bay SLSC and Mission Beach SLSC are planning to hold Open Days later in the year.


Marine Stingers

The ‘Stinger Season’, as it is known, is winding its way towards May, but it is important to note that large Box Jellyfish are still being caught, and swimmers should not become complacent as to their presence. The ones presently being netted are ‘as big as a bucket’ and have the potential to kill an adult in two minutes.  Lifesavers and lifeguards in the Northern realms of the state need to be very aware that these amazing animals are still around in our waters and probably will be until we get a seasonal change, such as some cold weather.

Wide Bay Capricorn Branch


State Championships

Congratulations to the branch members who competed and won medals at the recent SLSQ State Championships.


Training and Education

Most Award training is coming to an end with the season almost over, but for those who are interested, Bundaberg SLSC are offering an IRB Crew Course over the ANZAC Day Long Weekend. For information email the Chief Training Officer, Dave Lester, at


Stay tuned for dry land courses (ART, Apply First Aid and Resuscitation) throughout the off-season, as well as a Training Officer and an Assessor Course for the region.



Friday 11 April 2014 – SLSQ Admin & IT meeting (Sunshine Coast – detail TBA)

Monday 14 April 2014 – WBC Branch Executive meeting (via teleconference)

Saturday 3 May 2014 – WBC Branch Combined Boards and JAAP meeting (via teleconference)


Constitution Updates

Currently the Wide Bay Capricorn Branch Constitution is being reviewed and a draft version has been submitted to the Branch Councillors and Executive Committee for feedback.

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