Compulsory CPR for pool owners, says SLSQ

Deaths due to drownings in backyard swimming pools have been an all too regular feature in the news this summer.

Surf Life Saving Queensland is pleading with pool owners and pool-goers to undergo Basic Life Support and/or CPR training in order to prevent further drownings occurring.

SLSQ Academy Operations Manager, Ken Clark states that responding immediately after an accident occurs, no matter how grave the outlook, is paramount.

“Members of the public can follow a process of Basic Life Support by using the acronym DRSABCD: checking for and removing Danger, checking Responsiveness, Sending for immediate help, clearing and opening the Airway, checking for Breathing and if not breathing normally, commence CPR without hesitation and, if a Defibrillator is available, connect immediately and follow the prompts.

“We implore all parents, especially parents who own pools, to update their knowledge of first aid. They are skills which do not take long to learn, but they are skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime,” stresses Mr. Clark.

“Any attempt at resuscitation is better than no attempt, but good CPR is better.”

Surf Life Saving Queensland would like to initiate community awareness of how necessary and life-saving CPR is.

“We would love to see more people in the community feel they have the power to help save a life and believe compulsory CPR for all pool owners is a way to do this.”

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