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Dangerous surf conditions forecast over coming days

  • A significant swell and 3m-plus waves are forecast, resulting in dangerous surf conditions
  • Beachgoers advised to adhere to all beach closures
  • Always follow the advice of lifeguards and beach safety signage

Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) is advising beachgoers to exercise caution over the coming days, with dangerous surf conditions predicted from Fraser Island down to the Gold Coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a significant swell, generated by a strong, slow-moving high near Tasmania.

SLSQ Chief Lifeguard Greg Cahill said waves over three metres in height were forecast along the coast.

“Powerful conditions will make the ocean challenging, so only experienced surfers should be heading out. The conditions are unseasonal which is why we’re urging people to take extra care,” he said.

“Beach closures are likely to occur along the coast. Adhere to all safety messaging and talk to your local lifeguard if you’re uncertain about conditions and would like further advice.

“If the red and yellow flags aren’t up, don’t risk it. While the school holidays are usually the ideal time to visit the coast, conditions are likely to be dangerous for families.

“Parents are also reminded to remain with their children at all times. Several children required rescuing by lifeguards earlier this week.”

Mr Cahill said dangerous conditions were likely to peak on Friday, and continue over the weekend.

“Beachgoers are advised to be cautious of strong rips and undertows, with a lot of water movement expected. Flash rips may appear between the flags so if the beach is open and you are in the water, remain at waist depth,” he said.

“Conditions can be much worse than they look. If a beach has been closed, it has been assessed as unsafe and you should not go in the water.

“By entering the water you are not only putting your life at risk, but potentially that of others who may be required to rescue you.”

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