Off-duty lifesavers resuscitate man at Mooloolaba

Four off-duty surf lifesavers have successfully resuscitated a gentleman at Mooloolaba Beach this morning.

SLSQ Sunshine Coast regional manager Aaron Purchase said the man had collapsed on the beach from a suspected heart attack following an early morning swim.

“It’s believed the gentleman went for an early morning swim and then a walk along the beach before collapsing on the sand with, what looks to be, a heart attack,” Mr Purchase said.

“It was extremely lucky that a number of off-duty lifesavers were in the vicinity and able to get to him and begin treatment so quickly.

“They performed CPR on the gentleman and shocked him a number of times with a defibrillator and, thankfully, he was conscious and breathing when the Queensland Ambulance Service transported him to hospital for further treatment,” he said.

Mr Purchase said the quick thinking and actions of the lifesavers on scene had certainly saved the gentleman’s life.

“Time is of the essence in situations like this, and getting crucial treatment in those first few minutes can often mean the difference between life and death,” he said.

“An incident like this goes to show how important it is to learn vital resuscitation skills. It could have easily been a tragedy for this gentleman’s family and friends, but instead he’s been given another chance at life.”

Mr Purchase said if members of the public found themselves in a similar situation, they should:

• Dial 000 to call an ambulance

• Alert a lifeguard or volunteer lifesaver if applicable

• Start performing CPR if trained to do so

Surf Life Saving Queensland provides accredited training in areas such as first aid, CPR and advanced resuscitation, transferring the skills the Surf Life Saving movement has been teaching for decades to the general public.

For information about SLSQ CPR courses, call 1300 766 257 or visit lifesaving.com.au/academy.

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