Nippers at Home

Nippers is a way of life for many Queensland kids. But due to COVID-19 our North Queensland youngsters haven’t been able to hit the beach.

However, a dedicated group are making sure they don’t miss out, instead creating an online platform for the nippers to learn through.

North Queensland Regional Development Officer Jen Rees said the virtual program allows nippers to be involved in a new and innovative way.

“Each nipper got an activity pack with various resources to complete, and their learning is all supported through an online portal as well.”

“The portal was built over three weeks and includes educational videos, photos and slides on a range of topics.”

“They can explore the portal at any time and then on Sundays they interact with their age manager and age group through a Zoom call.”

The virtual program has now been running for two weeks and has seen 60 nippers from Port Douglas in the North, to Mission Beach in the South participate.

“It’s fantastic that we have created a way for our nippers to learn about sun safety, patrol signs and signals, flags, rips and currents all from their home.”

“They also cover an Ecosurf topic which explores how they can look after their beach.”

“It teaches them about local beach creatures, the reef, and the impact the weather and waves has on the beach.”

“We also go into how they can make a difference by recycling, reporting or cleaning up litter, avoiding single use plastic and saving water and power.”

The program aims to keep nippers involved and get them ready for when they can get back on the beach.

Article by Chloe Maxwell

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