NVW: Craig Law

Craig Law’s commitment to lifesaving is evident in the extensive roles he holds at club, branch and state level.

In 2019, he was awarded Volunteer of the Year at both state and national level for his efforts.

“Whilst it had my name on it, it was recognition for my family and many others behind the scenes,” Law said.

“After receiving the award at branch, it was a great honour to go on to the state and national awards.

“It was pretty special given lifesaving is so synonymous with volunteering.”

Although the humble Sunshine Coast lifesaver admits he is often one to shy away from awards, he thanks those that put his name forward for the recognition.

“No matter what it is, no matter what people do, you cannot help but have that human psyche that it is nice to be recognised and given a pat on the back,” Law said.

Law’s involvement hasn’t slowed since winning the award, in fact it has increased.

This season his taken on additional roles and responsibilities, including being President of his club.

‘I am very humbled by the amount of people who have contacted me for various things since winning the award,” he said.

Article by Chloe Maxwell

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