Push Up Challenge

Although the patrol season has ended, Brisbane Lifesaving Service members have found a new way to keep in touch, while maintaining their fitness.

You’d usually find these volunteer surf lifesavers on the beach in their red and yellow patrol uniform. But for the past 21 days they have put on their activewear to take part in The Push Up Challenge.

SLSQ’s Lifesaving Coordinator Natalie Edwards said it all started when she was looking for ways to keep members engaged in the off season.

“We were all isolated due to Coronavirus and I really wanted a way to keep everyone interacting with each other,” she said.

“The challenge meant members could keep in contact virtually and maintain fitness, all while raising awareness for mental health.

“It is important to show we are still there for each other, even though we are all apart.”

Every single one of the 52 participants getting active daily to do their share.

Some even taking on the challenge to do more.

“It works out that each person in the team needs to do 20 push ups a day to reach the overall team goal, but some were doing as many as 140 a day,” Natalie said.

“There were members doing them with 20-kilogram weights on their back, others even doing handstand push ups.

“Everyone is sharing their videos and photos daily on our Facebook group, so it has become a real team building activity.”

The lifesavers have smashed out a staggering total of more than 23,000 push ups across the challenge.

Article by Chloe Maxwell

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