Record-breaking summer for lifesavers

It’s been a hectic six weeks for surf lifesavers across Queensland, with over 4 million people flocking to the state’s beautiful beaches to cool down during the summer school holidays.

Not a single drowning was recorded in that space of time, which is testament to the vigilance and service of the men and women in red and yellow who performed some 818,988 preventative actions to keep beachgoers safe.

Our dedicated volunteers carried out 244 rescues, with a staggering 75 per cent of patients needing saving from outside the red and yellow flags.

Two in three people rescued were male.

The most common age group was 19-29 with 25 per cent, closely followed by children aged 12 and under (24 per cent).

Half of the rescues performed were done so by lifesavers on boards or in inflatable rescue boats (IRBs), with 60 per cent of patients caught in rip currents.

It was a shocking few weeks for marine stingers, with 11,304 stings recorded – 85 per cent of which were bluebottles.

All up, lifesavers performed 31,886 first aid treatments.

Thank you to all our volunteer members for their commitment and dedication – and thank you to all swimmers who remembered to swim between the flags!

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