Remembering Tess Cramond

SLSQ and SLSA Life Member Tess Cramond was an innovator in rescue and resuscitation techniques, a pioneer of Expired Air Resuscitation, and a genuine lifesaver in the truest sense of the word. As a member of the SLSA Medical Advisory Committee, Tess supervised the testing of expired air resuscitation on live volunteers at St Andrews Hospital in 1961. These incredible trials saw a number of brave surf lifesavers voluntarily placed under general anesthetic and kept alive using groundbreaking expired air resuscitation techniques. Her research and findings would go on to transform rescue services and dramatically lift the survival rates of patients rescued from the surf.

Earlier this week, fellow SLSQ Life Member and former Queensland President Ron Rankin delivered the eulogy at Tess’ funeral. To read the eulogy, please click here.

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