SLSQ urges caution amidst powerful surf

Surf Life Saving Queensland is renewing calls for beachgoers to put safety first and heed advice from lifeguards this weekend with large surf, king tides and adverse weather likely to create potentially dangerous conditions.

SLSQ operations support coordinator Jason Argent urged anyone heading to the beach for a swim to be extra careful.

“At this point, forecasts are suggesting a build up in surf across the weekend, with increased swells likely to create challenging and potentially dangerous coastal conditions,” he said.

“There’s likely to be large amounts of water moving in and around beaches this weekend, which can lead to flash rips and strong currents.

“As always, we urge all swimmers to only enter the water at patrolled beaches between the red and yellow flags and have a chat to the lifeguards on duty about any localised conditions before entering the water,” he said.

With heavy rain and flash-flooding also forecast over the coming days, Mr Argent urged people to be cautious around other bodies of water as well.

“With the amount of rain forecast, we’re also likely to see some unstable and potentially dangerous conditions around rivers, river mouths, estuaries and streams,” he said.

“Conditions can change so quickly when there’s a lot of rain about and, with that in mind, it’s really important for people to be extra vigilant and remember to put safety first at all times.”

SLSQ encourages beachgoers to follow these simple steps to help protect themselves in the water:

  • Only swim at patrolled beaches and between the red and yellow flags
  • Don’t swim at night or after drinking alcohol
  • Look for and follow the advice of safety signs
  • Listen to the emergency warnings and follow the advice of emergency services and your local councils
  • Avoid floodwaters and swollen river mouths
  • Be careful of debris and other hazards that may have washed into the surf after heavy rainfall, such as rubbish, tree branches and rocks

Download a copy of this media release here.

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