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Stinger nets to be removed from North Queensland beaches

All stinger nets will be removed from Port Douglas to Mission Beach this week, following extensive drags by lifeguards and lifesavers in recent weeks.

While the removal of nets generally signals the end of the high-risk stinger season, Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) Regional Manager North Queensland Rob Davidson is urging beachgoers to remain vigilant about their safety in the water.

“There have been no captures during recent drags in and around the nets,” Mr Davidson said.

“However, it is important beachgoers stay cautious when entering the water, and only swim at patrolled locations where lifeguards and lifesavers will be able to assist if anything happens.”

Despite the ease in COVID-19 restrictions, public gatherings are still limited to no more than 10 people, so there will be no red and yellow flagged designated swimming areas. This is in order to avoid people congregating in close proximity.

Lifeguards and volunteer surf lifesavers continue to conduct surveillance patrols to ensure they are ready to respond to incidents if needed.

SLSQ encourages all members of the public to follow authorities advice and ensure they practice social distancing.

This week SLSQ celebrates the ongoing commitment of its volunteers as part of National Volunteer Week.

Mr Davidson said the regions red and yellow army of volunteers continue to do a remarkable job.

“The work of our lifesavers is nothing short of remarkable, they ensure members of the public can have a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting the beach,” he said.

Volunteers will continue to conduct weekend patrols on North Queensland beaches until the season ends in November.

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