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Stinger nets to be removed from Townsville beaches

Marine stinger nets will be removed from Townsville beaches next week following extensive drags by lifeguards and surf lifesavers in recent weeks.

However, while the removal of the nets generally signals the end of the high-risk stinger season, lifeguard supervisor Russell Blanchard is urging beachgoers to remain vigilant about their safety in the water.

“Lifeguards have been performing regular drags in and around the nets in recent weeks without any captures,” Mr Blanchard said.

“But having said that, it’s important to remember potentially dangerous marine stingers can still be found in the water all-year-round depending on the conditions and circumstances.

“We still encourage all swimmers to take care when entering the water, and only swim between the red and yellow flags where lifeguards will be on hand to assist if anything happens.”

Mr Blanchard also encouraged swimmers to wear protective stinger suits to help minimise the risk of being stung.

“The nets at Horseshoe Bay and Picnic Bay will be removed on Monday, followed by The Strand, Pallarenda and Balgal, before the Forrest Beach nets come out on Thursday,” Mr Blanchard said.

We’ll start to remove the nets on Monday, with the plan to have all removals completed by Thursday,” he said.

Stinger nets will be removed as follows:
– Monday, 14 May – Horseshoe Bay, Picnic Bay
– Tuesday, 15 May – The Strand
– Wednesday, 16 May – Pallarenda and Balgal Beaches
– Thursday, 17 May – Forrest Beach

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