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Sunshine Coast lifesavers test surf skills in the pool

More than 200 local lifesavers will dive into the Kawana Aquatic Centre this Saturday for the 2019 Sunshine Coast Pool Rescue Competition.

The contest is the second event of three regional competitions held in the lead-up to Surf Life Saving Queensland’s pinnacle pool rescue event, the 2019 State Pool Rescue Championships (July 20-21).

This weekend, competitors aged 11 and up will take their patrol and rescue skills to the pool as they compete lane-to-lane in a range of events, including patient tows, obstacle swims and brick carry races.

SLSQ Sports Manager Stuart Hogben said the competition provided an opportunity for lifesavers to test the skills they use regularly in the surf, in a pool environment.

“The pool rescue events are designed to test a lifesaver’s skill, speed and response. It’s multifaceted, which makes for a dynamic and exciting competition. It also gives lifesavers the opportunity to hone their skills throughout the cooler months,” Mr Hogben said.

“It’s incredible seeing these athletes compete in the pool. The events are visually spectacular and, by removing the unpredictable surf conditions, you can easily see the athlete’s lifesaving skills in action.”

Mr Hogben said several elements combined to boost the prospects of clubs in their quest for gold.

“The quality of the coaches, the robust training structure, and the sheer strength of their competitors are all factors which benefit juniors as they move up through the age groups,” he said.

“I’m confident we’re going to see some impressive athletic performances and intense competition this weekend.”

The 2019 Sunshine Coast Pool Rescue Competition will be held this Saturday (June 22) at the Kawana Aquatic Centre. The action kicks off at 9am.

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