Use to lifesaving skills to work in a US summer camp

Are you a current surf lifesaver, or are you enrolling with a surf club for the 2015/16 season? If so, then Camp Counsellors USA is looking for you!

Camp Counsellors USA (CCUSA) is currently looking for qualified surf lifesavers and lifeguards to escape the Aussie winter and embrace the American summer by spending nine incredible weeks in the USA at American Summer Camps.

CCUSA is an Official J1 Visa sponsor and can guarantee you a placement at a US Summer Camp if you fully complete your CCUSA online application and are accepted onto the program by February 1st 2016.

Reserve the date of January 17th 2016: For the CCUSA Camp Job Fair – where CCUSA will have up to 20 US Summer Camps in Sydney hiring on the spot!

For more information visit the CCUSA website www.ccusa.com.au/PROGRAMS/Camp-Counselors-USA or phone CCUSA on 1300 859 040

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